Campus life

Student life

One of the best things about doing a PhD at the IMT School is the possibility of sharing time with your colleagues. PhD life is usually characterized by working long hours alone without interacting with anyone. However, at the IMT School, working areas and leisure areas are, in fact, fully integrated.

The IMT environment pushes students to be are not only researchers who spend time working together, but also people who can share daily activities outside the research activities. Contrary to other PhD programs, those run at the IMT School offer a broad range of research lines promoting multidisciplinary connections. This is useful not only for research purposes but also for the daily life of students since living together with people from different backgrounds provides many opportunities that are typically not accessible in a conventional environment.

Moreover, the fact that most of the research facilities such as classrooms, laboratories and student offices are located in the San Francesco Complex, next to the residential spaces, facilitates students’ life saving their time and promoting social interactions.

Social spaces on campus

At the end of a typical hard working day, students chill out in the leisure areas where they can socialize with students from different PhD programs and researchers at different stages of their careers.

Located in the San Francesco Complex, the IMT residence has several places where students can socialize and spend their spare time: a living room equipped with a TV, a ping-pong table, sofas and a table football, several leisure areas with sofas, gardens to make activities outdoors, a small fitness center where students can exercise and a Turkish bath where to get relaxed after a long day of work.

Other daily-life facilities

The San Francesco Complex includes 57 single rooms with private bathroom and desk. The residential area is equipped with a canteen accessible for both lunches and dinners, a kitchenette with a cooker, a microwave and a dishwasher and a laundry area equipped with four token washer-dryers and a token dispenser. All IMT students are offered the possibility of free housing in the San Francesco Complex and free access to the canteen, and only students have access to the kitchenette and the laundry area, which saves students time.

Research facilities and the IMT library

Students are provided with facilities for their daily working. Working in an interdisciplinary environment allows students to discuss their research with other students from other fields, which helps approach common problems from different perspectives.

The San Francesco Complex is equipped with 6 large study rooms with 65 individual workstations exclusively for students. The IMT School Library, located in the former San Ponziano Church, is provided with 32 spots reserved for IMT students, (apart from the 86 reading spaces accessible also to external users). Besides, the library contains 24 individual offices, 20 of which are reserved for IMT School researchers and 4 for students, who can request to use the space on a daily basis.