"IMT’s multidisciplinary environment, high quality of faculty and lectures, devotion to excellence, and beauty of its campus are a constant nudge into learning, improvement, and curiosity. While tightrope walking might be an extremely demanding walk, I believe that IMT is undoubtedly the premier institution to begin one’s transformational journey in science."

Falco Joannes Bargagli Stoffi

Research Fellow at Harvard University

"The IMT journey has been a lever for building an international network, working in close contact with utmost professors and researchers, while living a campus day to day dimension.  The facilities were excellent in Lucca, an enjoyable city in the dynamic Tuscany region. At IMT, the future career of the PhD candidate is carefully encouraged, prepared and sustained by the colleagues, professors and administrative staff."

Laura Gianfagna

Advisor at the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg.

"When I applied for IMT in 2016, I was already working as a business consultant for a large company. What ultimately convinced me about joining, was its interdisciplinary approach that brings international, top of class scholars together to collaborate in a unique research environment. Looking back, the skills gathered during this PhD – e.g., structured thinking, technical & communication skills, plus the endurance to master long-term projects – will help you to excel in all sorts of professional environments."

Jan Niederreiter

Project manager at Allianz

"IMT has been a defining experience on my academic journey. IMT, of course, has world-class facilities and exceptional faculty, but what sets IMT apart is the close quarter living with curious minds from different disciplines. The campus setup enhances the experience by fostering creativity within but especially across fields."

Luca Verginer

Postdoc at Chair of Systems Design at ETH Zürich

"IMT still pays off 10 years after graduation. The Ph.D. at IMT was a crucial milestone of my academic career. The combination of a small (but wonderful) town and a dynamic and international community of scholars in different disciplines was a perfect combination for the take off of my academic career."

Giovanni Marin 

Associate Professor of Applied Economics at the Department of Economics, Society and Politics, University of Urbino Carlo Bo.

Recent placements of graduates in economic disciplines at IMT School 

Students enrolled in 2017

Tatiana Celadin (Research Fellow, Università di Bologna) - Matteo Serafino (Data Scientist, Kcore Analytics LLC) - Federico Nutarelli (Research Fellow, Università Bocconi) - Samuel Asuquo Edet (Associate Economist, International Finance Corporation)

Students enrolled in 2016

Abhishek Samantray (Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee) - Pietro Saggese (Research Fellow, Austrian Institute of Technology) - Niccolò Vallarano (Research Fellow, University of Zurich) Falco Joannes Bargagli Stoffi (Research Fellow, Harvard University) - Selene Perazzini (Research Fellow, Università di Bolzano) - Jan Niederreiter (Project Leader, Allianz Deutschland) - Costanza Tortu (Research Fellow, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna) - Roberto Di Paolo (Research Fellow, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca) - Sara Landi (Research Fellow, LUISS)- Matteo Caruso

Students enrolled in 2015

Helena Kreuter (Research Fellow, University of Cologne) - Jeroen van Lidth de Jeude (Data Scientist, GeoPhy) - Luca Verginer (Research Fellow, ETH University of Zurich) - Carolina Becatti (Data Scientist, IQVIA Italia) - Federica Parisi (Data Scientist, ViriCiti) - Giovanni Bonaccorsi (Research Fellow, Politecnico di Milano)

Students enrolled in 2014

Loredana Fattorini (Research Associate, Stanford University) - Mika J. Straka (Data Scientist, Würth Group) - Giovanna D'Inverno (Associate Professor, University of Pisa) - Luca Mantegazza (Lecturer, University of Florida) - Yuan Gao (Research Fellow, University of East Anglia) - Armando Di Lillo

Students enrolled in 2013

Francesco Angelini (Research Fellow, Università di Bologna) - Emi Ferra (Controller, Elemaster Group Electronic Technologies) - Benedetta Frassi (Senior Consultant, Simon-Kucher & Partners) - Laura Gianfagna (Advisor to the Vice President, European Investment Bank) - Leonardo Ridolfi (Research Fellow, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna) - Davide Donofrio

Visit this page for information about placements of cohorts enrolled before 2013.

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