Department of Excellence

The IMT School has earned the distinguished designation of "Department of Excellence" for the five-year period spanning 2023-2027, attributable to the "Economic and Digital Resilience" (RED) project. This encompasses funding exceeding five million euros from the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research, allocated for an interdisciplinary examination of economic and digital resilience through a post-pandemic lens.

The project's inception is rooted in the challenges that surfaced during the COVID-19 pandemic, when stringent travel limitations and the subsequent widespread reliance on remote work underscored the strategic significance of secure, dependable, and universally accessible digital infrastructure.

The RED project endeavors to explore the influence of escalating digitalization of productive endeavors on the competitiveness, sustainability, well-being, and resilience of individuals, enterprises, and regions by harnessing the evidence produced by this unparalleled natural experiment. Through the dedicated research infrastructure, the Open Lab, and partnerships with external stakeholders, the RED project advocates for interdisciplinary research and educational initiatives concerning the digital transition and resilience of economic systems.

Open Lab

The Open Lab is conceived as a research milieu wherein researchers, businesses, organizations, associations, and additional external collaborators cooperate to devise innovative solutions and examine timely and relevant societal challenges employing an "Open Laboratory" methodology.

In alignment with the RED project's objectives, the Open Lab investigates and champions economic and digital resilience during the post-pandemic transition. This is accomplished through observational studies and online and field experiments.

Via the Open Lab, the IMT School encourages research in collaboration with external entities interested in assessing innovative solutions within their operational contexts. The Open Lab conducts research activities based on data procured both in the field and remotely, developing bespoke applications and software, employing cutting-edge instrumentation, or capitalizing on existing databases through advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions. The Open Lab is managed by a multidisciplinary team possessing expertise in data collection, analysis, and interpretation in accordance with GDPR.

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